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The general multilingual Dictionary of the Metalinguistic Lexicon ( DLM ) is the first systematic collection of terms referred to the phenomenology of both language and languages, which realizes the project of a Thesaurus and critic dictionary of the linguistic metalanguage since the antiquity till the contemporary period created by Cristina Vallini.

The DLM is a new typology of electronic dictionary, that collects, integrates and elaborates the informations extracted from metalinguistic catalogues and from some of the most representative works of the whole linguistic thought.

The DLM places at the disposal of the scientific community the result of a work developed in nine universitary seats (Bologna, Catania, Cosenza, Macerata, Napoli - "L'Orientale", Palermo, Perugia, Perugia - University for foreigners and Udine), with the coordination, in the course of the years, of Cristina Vallini, Vincenzo Orioles, Diego Poli and Domenico Silvestri.

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